This Web seminar is a membership system the detail is this Video. Thanks to all of you. OnDeCo-E closed at April 2023. Please download required contents which you need from now.
Note: About OnDeCo-E From Registration to Your Use
  • OnDeCo-E is not automatic Registration system. Registration is this step
  • Step 1 :Payment status is mailed to Nakamura from Pay Pal.
  • Step 2:After Nakamura watched Pay Pal's information, he contacts the payee by e-mail with a password etc..
  • Step 3 : At the same time as the payer registering the password etc. on OnDeCo-E, he or she becomes accessible
  • Membership Regulations of OnDeCo-E:Please check it before you will go to Pay site.

    Movie about Presentation of OnDeCo-E

     Presentation sheet of this OnDeCo-E Movie(English and some Japanese )