The following information is Kindle E-Book. This book uses You Tube and you can see many videos. I hope this book will be useful to you. Shigehiro Nakamura

1.KAIZEN by Bottom up + Top down($4.50)
This book is a book that promotes factory improvement from bottom up + top down.
2.Eliminating Muda Work by Visualization technology ($4.50)
This book is a speed KAIZEN methods and plactices by using Video+IE method.
3.Zero Defects and HE eradication techniques ($4.50)
This book is Zero Defect measurs(From current production to new products).
4.TPM with Human Skill up ($4.50)
This book is a TPM( zero equipment failure countermeasure) that is promoted while developing human resources.
5.Basics of JIT & SCM ($4.50)
This book shows Basics of JIT & SCM vs LPS.
6.Great Leaders & Strategies ($4.50)
This book shows excellent leaders and their learning materials.
7.5M + I stepwise improvement method ($3.50)
This book shows Systematic factory improvement promotion techniques .
8.Such a contradiction destroys the company ($3.50)
Points to learn from case analysis
9.Small but excellent Japan SMEs in the world($3.50)
Excellent products and developments by Japan SMEs
10.Manufacturing Site Management($4.50)
Competence improvement of S/V
11.Technology and Skill transfer Step($3.50)
Speed + Advanced subordinate training program
12.Learn how to do top job from sports($4.10)
Leading companies introduce the best methods from different fields!
13.Technology and Skill transfer Step($3.50)
Against Global warming problem & SDGs
14.LCA(Low cost Autometion) Manufacturing Procedure($4.10)
AX(Analog Transformation) methods required before DX !
15.Factory Innovation Program with All Employees Participating(700Yen:$5.22)
Integrate the factory innovation strategy with the budget, advance it, and visualize it.